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Independent Gift Shops In Leith & Dunbar, Scotland 01368 864567
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Castaway Soap

Castaway soaps are lovingly made, hand-cut, packaged and posted by husband and wife John and Sara.

Living on the North Sea coast of Scotland inspired Sara to invent natural soaps to reflect our beautiful local environment while tackling real problems we encounter due to our sometimes dramatic weather and outdoors way of life.  

The wind and salt blowing off the sea can cause dry skin and John frequently has oily hands from tinkering with boat engines and his old land-rover.  

Our son has always had persistent eczema, exacerbated by some soaps and detergents, which motivated Sara to find a gentle alternative.  

The carefully selected natural ingredients in Castaway Soap, some of which come from our own sunny garden, not only make the soap effective, they also make our home smell phenomenal! 

We are determined to keep our packaging minimal, so the soap bars are wrapped in recycled UK-stock paper, no plastic is used at all. The sea creatures are just a bit of fun, because Sara likes drawing them - however they are also a reminder of why we are plastic free.

We love living by the wild North Sea coast and want to help keep it plastic free.

We hope you love our soap.